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Every Hour of the Day Fiction Challenge Community
RPF - Ville Valo/Bam Margera - 12:00/24:00 
29th-Apr-2007 09:52 pm
Title: A Day In The Life
Chapter: Ch.1 - Twelve A.M.
Author: maskofsanityy
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Vam [Ville Valo/Bam Margera]
Rating: R
Summary: Live every day as if it's your last. Oh, how he'd love to strangle whatever bastard had come up with that idea in the first place. He had regarded his life with that perspective for the most part but now, when it really was his last, it created a whole new spectrum of realities.

( Chapter One )
Marilyn Monroe
27th-Jan-2008 03:40 pm (UTC)
very good. is there any more?
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